A Kramer among us!


A friend of mine tricked me into believing that he had invitations for the closing ceremony of the Cairo international film festival. I actually believed the guy and started telling people that I may attend the ceremony and how cool it would be to hang out with all the stars and what not. Actually I m amazed that I fell for it, as it is usually me and this kid playing tricks on people and not the other way around. I guess that its hard to always keep the gaurds of your mind attentive. Things have to slip.

This guy is called Miro, and he is insane. Remember Kramer from Seinfeld? This is the Egyptian version of him. He is tall and completely out of this world. We would be laughing at things he does or says while he has no clue about what is funny. He drives without looking at the road, he says things to random people on the street, and he has sex with street prostitutes with whom he is very popular. This guy didn’t drink, but one day he got drunk and he really enjoyed it. So he would call every day wanting to go out and drink, like a new sport. He smokes shisha daily and does whatever random activities one might think of. I remember the first day I met this guy, it was back in 2006 during the world cup, and he had an electrified pen that my other friend was excited about trying it on his ass. Then we were bored so he suggested going tease street prostitutes, but that’s another story.
Anyways, the guy is a wacko, but I totally enjoy hanging out with him.


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