Will I ever hit a girl?


An obvious answer is no, of course not, hit a female, this nice, cute, delicate, delightful, beautiful creature, no way, only a savage would do such a thing, only a barbarian, a terrorist, a nazi would even consider doing such a thing. Right?! NO, I don’t think so.

OK, lets get something out of the way first; I am not a violent man, I haven’t gotten into a real fight since high school. I am a bit sharp tempered, but most of the times I can control that temper and bottle it inside  (for later usage in nervous break downs and frenzies!). So what makes me a propagator for inter-sexes violence?

If a guy is an asshole, and pushes my buttons in the right (wrong) way, I would definitely cuss the hell out if him and If cussing doesn’t give me enough satisfaction, I’d kick his ass so hard that its gonna hurt when he shits. Well, again, don’t get me wrong, I am not a big guy, I don’t have lots of muscles, I actually weigh around 125 pounds (around 60 KG), so I am not a guy who’s keen on fighting, but you know, a Man’s gotta do what it takes sometimes!

Anyways, the point I’m trying to make is that, I don’t see that a girl is different from a guy. If she messes up and deserves some good ol’cussing or beating, then she shall receive such beating. Having a pussy is not an excuse for assholness, bitchiness and/or annoyance (I know that those might not be words, but who gives a fuck). If a girl is weak, then she shouldn’t put herself in a situation where a beating is a necessity, if she chooses to be a prick then she should take it like any other male prick would take. There is absolutely no reason that stops me from hitting a woman that hits me. It is simple, if  you can’t take a hit, don’t start hitting stronger more violent humans (men or lesbians :P). I respect women, love them & appreciate them, but I just hate them always asking for a free lunch.

And I hate political correctness and social decency.


Ok, u have to admit this is funny, sick, but funny!


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