Yesterday I watched a spanish movie called “Invisibles”, it was showing in the Cairo International Film Festival. The film is produced by Oscar award winner, Javier Bardem, you know, that killer guy from “No Country for Old Men”. invisibles2

Directed by 5 directors, the movie plays for around and hour and a half, and it consists of 5 mini movies/Documentary-like segments. It takes place in different parts of the world, displaying different disasters/miseries happening to residents of those areas. It starts off with Bolivia, then the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, the Central African Republic and lastly, Colombia.

The movies tells stories of rape, children soldiers, war, disease, displacement all covered with other unpleasant themes, such as poverty, cruelnees, greed…etc. People to whom those things are happening to are deemed to be “invisible”; no one could see them, not governments, not large pharmaceuticals, no one with actual power rather than those struggling NGO’s that don’t have the necessary resources to help.

It goes without saying that the movie was incredibly depressing, it wasn’t what I had in mind for a thursday night movie, but It brought several things to my attention.

  • Egypt is a nice country. We don’t get raped, we don’t have epidemic diseases, no civil war….we have water food and security. Despite the many shortcomings of this country, compared to those examples, it is god’s heaven on his earth!!
  • Oscar Wilde once said, “Thank God life in Unfair”. Of course! I didn’t anything do anything special in my life to be where I am now. I simply walked my natural course and here I am, enjoying an easy, comfortable, safe life, while others are simply unlucky so they were born in a Central Africa or Uganda.
  • Black people in all western countries should be thankful their ancestors were captured as slaves 2 centuries ago. It is ironical, but couldn’t be truer. Just imagine Oprah Winfrey getting raped by 4 Mau Mau rebels after they killed her husband in front of her & her children. Imagine Michael Jordan invisiblesKidnapped and forced to carry a gun at the age of 11 and forced to kill his own brother beacuase that latter attempeted to escape the camp. Imagine Condoleezza rice getting the Sleeping Sickness form the Tsi Tsi fly, and being not able to get the medecine because large pharmaceuticals won’t produce a medecine that will only be consumed by people who can’t pay for it.
    This concludes one thing: While slavery was a terrible thing, the grandchildren of those africans enslaved are exteremly lucky.
  • This movie reassured my conviction about the unfairness of life, the impossiblity of a the existence of GOD. On the other hand, my dispise for capitalism, which i proudly believe in, has increased dramatically. I can understand if the lazy, the stupid and the genetically unlucky is thrown out of the system mercilessly. But what about those people, who don’t have the choice in anything. Those people might have the best ability for work, production and creation but they are not given even the smallest chance to grab. Governments and big companies are not paying the slightest attention to them, not that they are obliged, but it is extremely cruel.

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