Ohh noo

I was never a big fan of skinny girls, I never really got the point behind everyone wanting to lose weight to be sexier. I couldn’t understand the simple equation of skinny = sexy. Its not like I’m more attracted to fat or chubby girls, no, I’ve always loved a girl with a nice figure, the curvier the better, no one can deny. Well, I said I did not see the point of sexy skinniness, but I guess I do now.

My ex-girlfriend was a kind of girl that would not shut up about weight and how she wants and manages to lose weight. She would starve herself for days , surviving only on orange juice and cigarettes. The poor thing thought she would have the body of Cameron Diaz if she lost enough weight!! “I’m tall and I have wide bones, just like her!” she once said to me when we were watching “What happens in Vegas”. My ex had a nice body, but she was no Cameron Diaz, no Cameron Diaz at all.


So anyhow, what moves me to write a post about that now?!! I was checking facebook and I found this girl I used to  make out with. Well, she is as skinny as they come, with all the right curves everywhere and the innocence mixed with the whorness that evey man admires! 

Holding a girl and feeling her bones at your hands is quite arousing, don’t know why exactly, maybe because you feel completely dominating and poweful….not sure, I have to find another bony girl here in Egypt which is quite a difficult task given our ma7shy loving culture!


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