This day could not be shittier

Today is Sunday, the beginning of the week here in Egypt started off as any usual day. I woke up, tired after the weekend, I dressed and went to work. I wasn’t expecting much work today as I finished all what I had to do on Thursday cause I like to keep my Sundays as laid back as possible. 


So My boss hits me with loads of shit that he wants finished by the end of the day, and I start getting pissed off. I snap at around 4 P.M when I started banging on my desk. I hit my calculator with my fist breaking it then I throw away, exactly like a mad man. I was so pissed off that I didn’t really care that this side of me should’nt come out at work. My pregnant coworker decided to take today off, she called our boss and told him she was sick. Of course he couldn’t say a word because she is pregnant, and him being a decent man can’t really ask a pregnant woman to work! Idiots. So anyways, I called my coworker to ask her about her pc’s password and she tells me that she is not really sick but she didn’t feel like coming to work today. Did I snap at her? Did I tell that she practically screwed me today just because she didn’t fancy to get out of her cute little house? No  I didn’t, I just smiled and told her with all the sincerity in the world that it was OK, I even joked a bit with her so that she won’t feel awkward. How cute am I?

SO, my coworker fucks up my day and I don’t even show the slightest dissatisfaction to her. I just bottle it up inside and take it out on my calculator or on my retreating bottom tooth with my tongue that is close to developing an ulcer from brushing on this retreating tooth. 

Ok I mange to get this shit day out of my way and get home at around 9 P.M. totally exhausted,  so tired I can’t even open my eyes fully. I play nice music on my laptop, some really good stuff by some local bands, I lie down on my bed for a bit. Mama makes some food for me, I get up play an episode of Becker, my second favourite comedy show after Seinfeld of course. I watch and eat perfectly enjoying my time, the perfect thing to do after a day like this. 

I go out in the balcony to smoke a cig……tastes really nice, the weather determines the quality of each cig. If it’s breezy and warm with a buzz of cold, the cigarette gives me the ultimate satisfaction smoke can provide. Anyways, I go inside once more, to check my email and my facebook, that stupid thing I wish it disappears completely.

So I open FB and I find my ex who deleted me from her friends list and who jumped into bed with another dude 2 month after we broke up, I find that she commented on a stupid “25 facts about me”  note that was written by another girl whom I really despise. I also find my best friend commenting abt that note and you know, its a fukin fest and everybody is having a ball and I feel my stomach asking permission to go the wrong way. I was so pissed off I uttered some cuss words such as “Fuck u, u dirty whore” directed at my ex, and “Burn in hell u fat bastard” directed at my best friend and “I will kill u then throw u in the gutters” directed at that girl I despise. This note pisses me off more because that girl I despise is the fakest person I’ve ever seen, along with my ex, she makes a big deal about stupid details of her life like “I like make up” or she “likes green tee” and random stupid shit like that. 

So here I am, its 1 a.m., I’m lying on the bed, with my laptop on my stomach, writing about an extremely shitty day, thinking about waking up at 7 the tomorrow and feeling like shit.

anyways, this was too long and it is not edited at all, I ll edit it later. Salam for now.


One response to “This day could not be shittier

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    Good luck.


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