I find myself nostalgic when I see her in an old picture from the party I was first introduced to her, and I find my eyes tearing looking at pictures of her engagement on Facebook. It is not like I still care for her, or even have the slightest shred of feeling left for her, no that is not the case. 

I guess I’m just feeling sorry for myself that I cared for her once, or for being so stupid not to realize what was my relationship with her all about. How could I be such a terrible judge of character? 

From what I hear from common friends, she’s a completely different person now, she’s playing the good Muslim girl role, she even told  a girl in our group that she was never kissed a guy, not to mentione being touched in any “haram” way by a guy! Well, those are big fat lies and the lips she uses for talking lips are witnesses to her lies!

Anyways, what is funny is that at around this time last year, she had broken up with me for that first time, I was going to Alexandria for easter holiday. I spent some nice time fishing and what not, but she wanted to come back, and I was prepared to get over her and move on. I tried to gain some points with that, stalled and played hardball like—I thought It would hurt to take her back as long as I don’t have other options, so I did. I can’t say that was a completely wrong decsion, I mean, I did have some awesome times with her afterwards, and it was worth it.


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